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ary-general on Jan. 1,▓ 2017.Congratulating Mr. Guterres on his new job, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a

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re▓gular news briefing that "China will continue to promote its relations w▓ith the UN under his term."Hua described Guterr

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es as "experienced and capable", who visited China from Nov. 28 to 29 and discussed the future of the UN and China-UN cooper

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Liu said.

ation."We believe Mr. Guterres wil▓l lead the UN to deliver its obligations under ▓the UN Charter and push the UN to ▓play a bigger role in safeguarding world peace, promote common development▓ and global cooperation," Hua said.China restored its lawful seat at the UN in 1971. During the past 45 years, China has▓ actively participated in the UN work in securi▓ty, development, society, human



Liu called on

law▓, arms control and disarmament▓."China will staunchly support the work of the UN, practice multilateral and defend the international order with the purpose and principles▓ of the UN Charter at the core," Hua said.Plea▓se scan the QR Code to follow us on Instagra▓mPlease scan the QR Code to follow u▓s on WechatXinhua selects top 10 domestic news events in 2016Xinhua selects top▓ 10 domesti

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    c news events in 2016X▓inhua selects top 10 domestic news events in 201612-30-2016 07:00 BJTBEIJING, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) -- Xinhua has sele▓cted the top ten news events happened in Ch▓ina in 2016. Following are the events in chronological ord

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    er.1. INTRA-PARTY CAMPAIGN TO IMPROVE SELF-DISCIPLINE AND SOCIALIST VAL▓UESOn Feb. 28, 2016, the general office of the Communist Party of China▓ (CPC) Central Committee released a plan to launch an education campaign ▓among all Party membe

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    rs to reinforce their▓ study on the Party rules and values.The ca▓mpaign, which is "a major political task" accordi▓ng to the plan, focuses on the study of the Party Constitution and rules, as wel▓l as remarks made by General Sec▓retary of t

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    mittee's policies and guidelines, and working hard to serve the people and make contributi▓on to social progress and economic development.Following the plan, the campaign has been launched in local Party committees around China▓, with vario

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    us study activities being▓ held and a number of outstanding Part▓y members being reported by media.2. "STAY TRUE TO THE MISSION" CALL AT CPC'S 95TH FOUNDING ANNIVERSARYOn July 1, 2016, the 95th founding anniversary of the CPC,▓ Xi Jinping,

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    general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, called on CPC ▓members to "stay true to the mission" taken up by the CPC 95 years ago.In his speech, which was made at a rally marking the anniversary, Xi summarized the major accomplishment

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    s of the CPC over,▓ and called on his comrades to "uphold the fighting spirit" of the Party's fo▓unding members and their commitment to the people.The phrase "stay ▓true to the mission," which was stressed repeatedly in Xi's speech, soon b

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national stage, tell sto▓ries

ecame a catchphrase in China and has been widely used b▓y media and public.3. CHINA HOSTING G20 FOR FIRST TIMEFrom Sept. 4 to 5, China held the 11th summit of the Group of 20 (G20) in ▓the eastern city of Hangzhou.It was the first time for China to hold th

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